Five Winter Wildlife Photography Tips

By Nikita Morris, Features Writer at ePHOTOzine

 Winter WildlifeDo your research - Knowing what wildlife will appear where, when and what they eat will help you be in the right place at the right time to capture a shot of your subject.

Be patient - Animals and birds scare easy so use a hide or if you're working at home, you can shoot from inside your house. Be prepared to wait a while before any wildlife comes your way as it'll take them some time to realise you're not a threat. Don't make any sudden movements and take some time to just look at the scene around you instead of getting your camera out straight away.

Be quick - Wildlife don't hang around for long and some, such as hares, move quickly so quick shutter speeds are needed to freeze movement and to capture skittish behaviour. If you're shutter speed is too low there's a chance your shot will have blur in it as they move quicker than you think.

Be different - There are places in the UK and right around the world that are more popular than others for wildlife photography and there's nothing wrong with visiting these popular places but looking for areas that aren't as popular will mean they aren't as crowded, giving you more time to brush up on your technique.

Have the right kit - Long lenses are a must, however you can use slightly shorter lenses it just means you have to work harder at getting closer to your subject.

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