Photography Project: Feeding the Olympics in Hackney

By Erin @ WPO

Commercial photographer Kate Beatty is spearheading a project that will unite the Olympics with the vibrant food world of Hackney.

"I will be producing a body of work where food is the common link" says Kate who plans to link the borough of Hackney to the food experience that will be taking place during the Olympic fortnight.

Being a resident of Hackney the food platform is immense with an array of markets, initiatives and outlets including Hackney City farm, Organic Wick and more recently the Hackney Food festival.

As a result of a previous project 'farmers on film' that celebrated British farming the project hopes to show the world what Hackney has to offer with the behemoth of the games looming on its doorstop. As the research showed " During the Sydney Olympics for instance in 2000 75,000 litres of milk, 221 tonnes of cheese, and 100 tonnes of meat were consumed". We can expect much of the same in London.

Through photography the project will highlight what is available on their doorsteps; a multicultural society that has such a great variety of food on offer, but much of it is now grown in our country. The photography will link town to country and create a sustainable legacy and future for British wellbeing and health.


Feeding the Olympics

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