Photographer of the Month


Each month we profile one of our Advanced or Premium WPO Members and show off their incredible talents. 

May 2013

Yukari Chikura

Name: Yukari Chikura

Country: Japan

How did you first enter the field of photography?
I loved to travel and take picture of the expression of the people.
I learned photography by myself.
I got some awards of photo competition, such as National Geographic.
I was determined to devote the rest of my life to art and photography.
Photography is my life.

What is your main message you would like to convey through your images?
The human race has been facing various difficulties,such as wars and natural disasters.
Those who are left, have to live with psychological scar. In addition,  I am deep interested in traditional arts and folk who has continued long time. I want to convey about such culture and people with the perspective of my own a realistic figure of .

What was the inspiration behind your National Award and Commended images? Can you describe the photos in greater detail?
After the Tohoku Earthquake and tsunami , I recognised the difficulty of having to survive the culture. Precious Japanese folk and traditional arts are facing difficulties, due to problems such as declining birthrate and disaster. I decided that I will leave photos of traditional arts and culture with a sense of crisis.


SMILE OF FUKUSHIMA BRIDES, Third Place, Japan National Award
Two brides are smiling together in Fukushima. In Fukushima, lots of victims are still suffering the damage of nuclear disaster.


OBSERVANCE, Commended, Open Competition, Smile
Bugaku is one of traditional performing arts in Japan. This observance is one part of this bugaku. This Bugaku has with a 1300-year history.They are divided among the four communities for the transmission. Inside each community the elderly transmit its assigned repertoires to the younger and children. Thus, This bugaku has been transmitted from generation to generation by the people of the four communities today. Moreover, people are proud to perform the ritual dance.

SMILE OF KABUKI GIRLS, Commended, Open Competition, Smile
They play local kabuki.
They wearing very beautiful kimono.

What are your ultimate goals with your photography?
My ultimate goals is "create new arts" ,with using of my various experience.

Any other comments on your work you would like to share?
I dedicate all my life for photography and arts.
I will try my hardest, so please support me.

For more of Yukari Chikura's work, visit her WPO Member Profile here. Ms. Chikura will also be holding an exhibition, travelling throughout Japan between June and September 2013. Click here for more details.