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01 Dec 2011
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About Alessandra Minotti.

I was born in Rome ( Italy)in 1966, now i'm based in Spain, near Alicante, where i live and work
I started to be interested in art in my childhood, visiting and worked for a bit of time the interior design showroom of my parents, who used to organize also art exhibitions, in their showroom, of the best contemporary artists, of the Seventy,/Eighty Years.
Then i attended artistic high school and around 19 i started to be interested in photography. In 1994 i opened a photo laboratory where i followed and made each step of development and printing. I realised portraits, fashion and marriage picks and still life.
In these last years my personal research includes more often the artistic side of photography, practiced by graphics - pictorial or digital- and by details related to my life.
I am also designer and execute artwork in digital art graphic photography on canvas and on precious fine art paper and on alluminium, abstract pictures in acrilic and also pencil-portraits on demand.

2012 :Sony World Photography Awards 2012 -Professional Competition.

Premio Celeste 2012 category :Photography and Graphic, with the opera ;INFANTILE

2012: Alessandra Minotti showed from 5 till 18
october 2012 in Rome (it)
for the first edition Premium Art Caffe'
Letterario of Rome, the artwork
L'Immateriale leggerezza del bianco

2012 :Opening Teatro Parco delle Arti L'Aquila
exsposition of the opera's SHE WEAR HIS

2013 :2013: Dal 15 al 20 Marzo in Art Caffe' Letterario in via Ostiense 95 Rome (it) LDD legitim defence
dossier, without border party, against violence on women.
XXDonna- Art esposition with the opera ;Perfect Futuristic Bionic Woman

Entries by 24 May 2013 UNICEF Arte-Roberta smile's for UNICEF Project Fight against maternal and infant mortality in Afghanistan ;the event will be held in Milazzo (Me) on days 24 to 27 may 2013. .This edition also this year will be housed in The Glass Room Paladiana in the Municipality of Milazzo (ME)

July 2013: Entries for Saatchi Showdown-Back to nature with artwork
Back to nature.

October 2013:Entries for Saatchi showdown Painted Faces with Artwork

2013 : Premio Art Abitart -(1step)

Hotel Art Abitart- Design Hotel
Via P.Matteucci 10/20 00154 Roma (Metro Piramide) Italy. With the artworks Frammenti
di memorie (dopo Auschwitz) e L'immateriale leggerezza del bianco dal 10-11-2013 al 22-12-2013
step espositivo

Various entries in saatchiart showdown competition.

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My Equipment

2015 sony world competion entries Professional equipment Nikon D800 + obiet. 85 mm AF D f 1,4 lens +50mm f 1.2 + 16mm AF D f 2,8

The images of sony wpo competions entries 2012 have been shooted instead with an Nikon F5 + 85mmAF D +24mm AF D

I have not entered any competitions yet. Find out more.