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#SWPA showcase: enigmatic images entered by Chinese photographers to the 2020 Awards

By World Photography Organisation | 3 weeks ago

Photographers from more than 203 territories submitted work across this year's Sony World Photography Awards, helping to reinforce the competitions as a global platform. Every Wednesday we'll spotlight images or series that have been recognised in the Professional, Open, Student or Youth 2020 competitions from one particular region. This week we take a look at Chinese photographers.

In recent years, Chinese enterprises have moved into Africa, leading to fresh momentum in the development of the local economy. Africa is an important node in China’s Belt and Road Initiative. According to research, there are now more than 10,000 Chinese companies on the African continent. Chinese-funded enterprises build factories, bring advanced machinery and equipment, introduce new manufacturing technology and management systems and promote the transformation and upgrading of the local economic structure. In turn, the rich local natural and human resources support the development of the company. Ethiopian Oriental Industrial Park is China's first national-level overseas economic and trade cooperation zone - at present, more than 80 Chinese-funded enterprises gather at the site. The industry involves shoemaking, automobile assembly, chemical manufacturing and pharmaceuticals, and has provided tens of thousands of jobs. Youqiong Zhang documents the story (above). 

In the Pamir Plateau of Xinjiang, China, there is a mountain road full of hairpin bends that connects Tashkurg Tajik Autonomous County and Wacha Township. This winding highway opened in July 2019, and runs for 36 kilometres. In places, it reaches an altitude of 4,200 metres above sea level, with a drop of 1,000 metres. Locals refer to it as the ‘plateau sky road’. Peixia took these awe-inspiring aerial shots (above) three months after the highway opened.