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“This life, this world is a gift”

By Rita Álvarez Tudela | 1 year ago

Louis Arevalo is an outdoor adventure and sports photographer working with editorial and commercial clients. Sharing stories is his way of paying tribute to time spent outside. Arevalo explains how at his darkest moments, going outdoors has given him comfort and has allowed space to heal.


Arevalo is based in Salt Lake City, Utah and is a member of PhotoShelter, the leader in portfolio websites, photo sales, marketing, and archiving tools for photographers.


What do you enjoy the most about ‘adventure-sports’ photography?

I define adventure as any outing/endeavor where the outcome is unknown or uncertain. The excitement comes from not knowing. For the photography aspect you can plan, plan, and plan, but you can never be 100% of what you will come back with. Weather, athletes, illness, equipment, etc - all these uncontrollable variables leave room for serendipity and this is where the magic enters.


You often say that “sharing stories is your way of paying tribute to time you have spent outside” - can you tell us more about this?

Time spent in nature has a healing effect. Through my darkest times and even in the best I return home from time spent outside refreshed, grounded, and humbled. This life, this world is a gift. I search for stories about the places I visit and people that share them.


How do you use photography to show a unique interaction with nature?

Placing people within these environments does more than just give scale. My goal is to show people sharing a little grace with the places that give us energy and life.


You have photographed climbing, winter running, snowboarding and more. What sport is ‘pending’ on your list?

Good question. Having lived in Utah most of my life I haven't had many opportunities for water related activities. I could see some exploratory paddling in my future.