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“Having a good time while exploring the beauty of the world"

By Rita Álvarez Tudela | 1 year ago

Joseph Lulu picked up a camera after being inspired by amazing photographers that he followed on Instagram. Born in Beijing, China, he started shooting in 2016.

Photography was just a hobby for him, but gradually it became a job, as an urban photographer in Taiwan. We featured a collection of his images on the @worldphotorg feed.


What is your favourite place to take photographs?

I'm currently in Taiwan for my studies, but I travel sometimes for vacation. I often go through Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and Taiwan. But to be honest, Hong Kong is my favorite shooting spot, I especially like the streets of Hong Kong as well as the mountains at sunrise.


What do you liking focusing on in your photography?

There are two aspects I like to focus on. First the process I enjoy a lot when I shoot, particularly when I’m with friends that have common interests. I enjoy having a good time while exploring the beauty of the world. Secondly is the final work. I won’t be satisfied until I see the final edits of my works, I would say the 30% of a good work is based on post-production!


You focus on historical places but also on new buildings. What inspires you?

I used to focus on new buildings because they would be very eye-catching for the audience. Whenever people see something new, they would be more likely to pay a visit to the spot when they are visiting that city. When I approached all the new buildings, I start to look back, to find the old ones.Historical places have also become very popular on Instagram now. It's not a bad thing.


Why are you interested in photography?

I had a gap year after I graduated from high school as I didn't know what to do in the future. I stopped for a while in order to find my life goal. Then by chance, I made some friends who were doing photography, and now I can’t live without it.


Where are you going to shoot next?

My next place on the list is India. I love a country with a strong sense of mystery and a historical vibe. ​