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Academy Members

Edward Robinson

Professional Photographer, Picture Editor and founder of OneRedEye Visual Consultancy, UK

Elisabeth Biondi

Visuals Editor, New Yorker Magazine, USA

Elliot Erwitt

Advertising and Journalistic Photographer, Magnum, USA

Elliott Landy

Photographer, USA

Eric Larrouil

General Manager of Agence Vue, France

Esko Mannikko

Photo Artist, Finland

Esther Woerdehoff

Directory of Galery Esther Woerdehoff, France

Federico Poggi

President of Venice International Photo Contest, Italy

Francis Hodgson

Photography writer, Financial Times, UK

Friederike Von Rauch

Photographer, Germany

Gareth Harris

Chief Contributing Editor, The Art Newspaper, UK

Gary Kemper

Director of Pressphoto Agency, USA

Gary Shenk

Chief Executive Officer of Corbis, USA

Geoff Katz

Founder of Creative Photographers Inc., USA

Giles Taquet

President of the Syndicat National des Agences Photografiques d'Illustration Generale, France

Grazia Neri

Director and Founder of Grazia Neri Photo Agency, Italy

Guy Hepner

Contemporary Art Dealer, USA

Guy Le Querrec

Magnum Photographer, France

Hamish Brown

Photographer, UK

Hossein Farmani

Founder Lucie Awards, USA


Popup 17/07/18