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The Swap Project

A collaboration run between the creativehub and the World Photography Organisation, that invites the global photography community to swap their best images with one another. The ten most swapped images will be shown at a free display in Somerset House this spring.

Entering your images to the Swap Project is easy and free. You have until March 3, 2019, to upload your best images. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Create your free account. Already have an account? Simply login
  2. Upload the image(s) you’d like to offer for swap/enter into the Swap Project
  3. Click ‘share’ and you are ready to enter the ‘Print Club’ 
  4. Head to the Print Club feed and browse the World Photography Organisation category
  5. The more requests you get the more likely you’ll feature in the show!
  6. For detailed instructions please check here


Less than one month left to enter The Swap Project