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2018 ZEISS Photography Award winner revealed

6 years ago


"I am very honoured and grateful to receive this award. ‘Garden of Delight’ is a self-initiated and self-funded project, that involved several nerve-wracking trips to Dubai. I am glad I persevered. This recognition proves that it was worth to keep going and dig deep into my subject." - Nick Hannes


'Garden of Delight', a vibrant, in-depth photography series by Belgian photographer Nick Hannes, is the winner of the 2018 ZEISS Photography Award "Seeing Beyond - Untold Stories". His work was chosen alongside nine other shortlisted photographers'Garden of Delight' and the work of all shortlisted photographers will be exhibited at Somerset House, London as part of the 2018 Exhibition from 20th April - 6th May, 2018.  

Shot over five trips in 2016 and 2017, 'Garden of Delight' examines leisure and consumerism in Dubai. Hannes' explores ideas including globalization and capitalism and raises questions about authenticity and sustainability.

Jury member Chris Hudson, Art Director, National Geographic Traveller (UK), says of the winning series: "The series stood out because, amongst the shortlist of hard-hitting and gritty reportage, it was great to see a more light-hearted, somewhat tongue-in-cheek take on an untold story. Each image captures a real moment and tells a story of its own, and yet they knit together so well to give an overall sense of what life might be like for locals in the metropolis that is Dubai."


Chosen from nearly 90,000 entries by photographers from more than 140 countries, Hannes' work was praised by the full jury for its character, narrative and its ability to tell an unknown story in a captivating manner. 

Hannes receives €12,000 worth of ZEISS lenses and €3,000 to cover travel costs for a photography project. He also has the opportunity to work closely with ZEISS and the World Photography Organisation.

The 2018 ZEISS Photography Award judges also recognized nine other series of works and the shortlisted photographers are as follows: 

  • Toby Binder, German, for the series 'Themmuns – Youth in Northern Ireland'
  • Sarah Blesener, American, for the series 'Beckon Us From Home'
  • Snezhana von Buedingen, Russian, for the series 'Permer Frost'
  • Stephanie Gengotti, Italian, for the series 'Circus love, Les Pêcheurs de Rêves'
  • Tadas Kazakevicius, Lithuanian, for the series 'Soon to be Gone'
  • Mark Leaver, British, for the series 'TIGHT'
  • Gowun Lee, South Korean, for the series 'I’m Here with You'
  • Stefano Morelli, Italian, for the series 'Suspension'
  • Kicia Randagia, Polish, for the series 'Scelte'