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Anshul Mehrotra - 2018 Sony Sony Student Grant Recipient

The aim of this project is to explore the cultural differences between the 3 countries (South Africa, India and China), and explore how each individual photographer might respond and interpret something or someone that is unknown to them. To begin, we’d like each photographer to take a portrait of something they feel is specific and traditional to themselves and their culture.

This portrait will then be passed onto another photographer, without any description or text, who will respond with a series of between 5 and 10 images. We want each photographer to explore what this portrait might mean, who the person is and how this tradition might be interpreted within their own surroundings. We want this photographer to look at where the connection between their own life and someone who is across the globe might be and what it is that links them. What are the similarities, parallels between your culture and theirs?

The series will then be passed onto the 3rd photographer who will respond with a single portrait based on how they have understood the series. Again it is important that the photographer explores how this series would be reflected within their culture and what this series might mean to them.

Anshul Mehrotra - He is an avid traveler and a photographer. He holds a diploma in still photography and visual communication and currently pursuing his masters from the University of Lucknow, India. He holds a wide portfolio in food, fashion, street, and landscape photography.