São Paulo City Project: Motion and Emotion

Part of an ongoing global WPO workshop series, this installation of the City Project in São Paulo was designed to assist people in developing their documentary aesthetic and improving their reportage photography.

Workshop leader, Jez Coulson, designed this particular project to capture the speed of life with its movement and kinetic energy, combining this with the expressive characters and expressed emotion that make the population so alive and vibrant ..... The 'Motion and Emotion'...... The dynamism and the heart of the city.

This City Project, oranised by WPO, was hosted by Sony Brazil as part of their unique Sony Educa programme, which provides photographic education to young audiences through live and online initiatives.   

Over 20 Brazilian students participated in this edition of the City Projects, hitting the streets of São Paulo to capture the assignment delivered by Jez and then editing their work with a team of international industry experts. These experts included photographers Sebastian Palmer + Pawel Okol, Irina Werning, Chien-Chi Chang, Eric Levin, and Picture Director of Harpers Bazaar UK, Chloe Limpkin.

Of the 22 student participant, 4 winners were named, with the first place receiving a new Sony Alpha 99 and the three runner up students given a Sony Alpha 65.  The winners represented in this gallery alongside all other participants best photographs, are:

1St Place - Dora Anderaos

2nd Place - Melissa de Freitas David

3rd PLace - Carolina Sogavar Sigueira

4th Place - André Luiz Dorea

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