Year 2010 ? 1/8 by Massimo Parisi

Series of 8 photographs.

All photographs series are scans from negative Efke 25 - 35mm developed in D-76. Negatives scanned. Negative printed on traditional Neutral tone VC fibre based paper.

I defiantly wanted to title this series " Year 2010 ? "
Because looking at these pictures, it seems to look at photos
40 years, one gets the impression of being catapulted into the post-war.
But no. We are in Palermo, one of the many downtown alleys, not cured, where you can see very old buildings, where entire families live there.
In some respects charming buildings, because secularize, but some are likely to collapse at any moment with their tenants! The people living there, seem not to consider the danger of possible collapse, but in fact they are aware of the danger that run every day, every night, but they know they have enough money to pay for a safer home.
Many are families that go on every day with many difficulties.
Large families , households using only the indispensable, so it is easy to see some of them, who spend their day almost in the street, sitting in front of their homes, on the road .Children, too, are on the streets, some perhaps because their mom has to do the housework, and being the small house, can not help but make them wait in the street . Others, because the house can use it only for sleeping, so is small ! During the shooting, I talked with some of them, humble people, living day to day and hoping for a better future.

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