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100cameras: empowering future talent

1 year ago

In the Sony World Photography Awards, the future generation of photographers is championed through the Youth competition. Open to under 19 year-olds, the competition promotes the photographers of tomorrow and encourages young photographers to channel their interest and passion for taking pictures. Hai Wang was revealed as the 2023 Youth Photographer of the Year in April, and submissions are currently open for the 2024 Youth competition. The brief for the 2024 competition is 'Through Your Eyes’. To celebrate the launch of the 2024 competition, we look at 100cameras, another platform that uplifts young photographers' perspectives. 

When we heard about 100cameras, we wanted to share some of the brilliant work the participants have created in their programmes. The nonprofit organisation encourages children and young people facing challenging experiences to share and process their stories and experiences through photography. Amplifying their students; perspectives through creative self-expression, since 2008 100cameras has worked alongside more than 33,000 children in 50+ communities worldwide.



Naomi from San Jose shows an intriguing perspective of a basketball court. A viewpoint often called a ‘worm’s-eye view’, Naomi makes her subject appear particularly large - is her goal in reach?



Capturing a moment (and movement within that moment) can be a great tool to keep a viewer engaged. Dinesh from Bangalore’s picture raises more questions than answers: who is the man being photographed? Where is he traveling to? What is the man’s expression if he turns around - is he smiling?



Aneliyah’s aerial shot of train carriages at a standstill in New York City take on an abstract quality. The muted colours, use of repetition and angled framing made us want to look at this image again and again.



Taken in the Lamin Village in The Gambia, Kaddijatou M’s framing of what looks like a flamboyant tree and positioning of the four children playing close by, gives a real sense of scale. The use of colour and contrast highlights the wonder of nature further.

Interested in purchasing a print? Youth who participate in the 100cameras programme have the opportunity to sell their images, and 100cameras then send all of the proceeds back to their local communities to fund the most pressing needs. You can support 100cameras and discover all the prints available to purchase here.