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"I don't think that architecture is only about shelter, is only about a very simple enclosure. It should be able to excite you, to calm you, to make you think." - Zaha Hadid 

"The photo is free from narrative unlike the cinema or literature. At the same time it takes the image from the real world."

"As many documentary photographers attempt to convey everyday life through street photography, I also attempt to convey every day life through landscapes."

"Photography speaks all languages and it's the most powerful way to tell stories. Professional photographers are needed more then ever, both in photojournalism, documentary and art."


With the launch of the 2018 Sony World Photography Awards, we're excited to announce new monthly prizes. At the end of each month, our editors will choose one image to be crowned the Monthly Winner, taken from the entries of the previous month. 

The free to enter 2018 Sony World Photography Awards is now open for entries. The 11th edition of the Awards will provide more opportunities than ever before to win prizes and get your work scene on a global stage.

Returning for its fourth year, PHOTOFAIRS | Shanghai has announced highlights of the public program. The dialogue surrounding the importance of collecting is underlined throughout the public programming with Conversations and Insights.


2018 Sony World Photography Awards - Categories