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"Once we find ourselves on a beach – we forget about everything and start acting in a different manner. Is that because everyone around us is doing the same?"

"I am a visual artist based in Paris... Silence, vacuity, darkness, and solitude put in perspective with the rise of new technologies are recurring themes in my different projects."

"Regardless of the objective of each photo, I’m always compelled by the most basic core element of photography: light, and how to use it to create mood and evoke emotions..."

Mountain Fuji covered with mist, seen through red leaves, and surrounded by people canoeing. The story behind this scene was like a dream...


PHOTOFAIRS | Shanghai confirms the leading artists & institutions who will participate in its inaugural Staged program. Staged explores the relationship between photography and other art forms such as installation art, sculpture, video and painting.

With the launch of the 2018 Sony World Photography Awards, we're excited to announce new monthly prizes. At the end of each month, our editors will choose one image to be crowned the Monthly Winner, taken from the entries of the previous month. 

The free to enter 2018 Sony World Photography Awards is now open for entries. The 11th edition of the Awards will provide more opportunities than ever before to win prizes and get your work scene on a global stage.


2018 Sony World Photography Awards - Competitions