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"For me, it's about being on the lookout for the unusual, or having a new perspective on the familiar - and telling that visual story in an engaging and captivating way."

Check out the 2nd edition of Entries of the Week, where we choose the best submissions to the Open competition of the 2019 Sony World Photograp

"I believe that the human mind is always curious for mystery, what is not seen, what is seen but not yet understood..." 

"In 2005 I developed my own recognizable technique and named it Gobotoru. The style of my works became dark, harsh and dirty..." 

Entries of the week is back! The 2019 Sony World Photography Awards is open for entries and we've already seen some amazing images come in.

"There is obviously a sentient being looking back through the lens. Orangutans and humans share 97 percent of their DNA sequence."

"Since the first time I saw this majestic phenomenon in the night sky, I have been hooked and can't help but return..." 

The chance to be a monthly winner is back! Enter your images for free into the Open competition to be in with a chance to win prizes each month. 

Monthly Prizes

2019 Sony World Photography Awards - Competitions