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"Photography is a universal language, that if used effectively and creatively, can translate all the languages in the world in one photograph."

"For years I have observed huge flocks of starlings on the Costa Brava. It took me several days to scout out the location where the starlings gather at sunset to roost."

"To capture the perfect image, I like to dive into my surroundings, listening to the sounds and having an open eye..."

"On one level the series is very simple, but on another, it challenges us to ask complex questions about faith, humanity, and nature." 

"A unique style of photography enables us not only to see the world presented, but also enjoy the rich variety of dreams we possess."

The Last of The Crooners is a charming, gloriously produced portrait series by the London-based photographer, Tom Oldham.

"Photography is the art form I chose to express my view of the world. I especially love the poetic impact of Black and White photography."

We are delighted to reveal the overall winners of the 2018 Sony World Photography Awards. See them at Somerset House until 6th May. 

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