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Underwater wildlife photographer Christian Vizl dives into what he's learned during his 30-year career, sharing his top tips for shooting all things subaquatic 

Kieran Dodds shares his images from his award-winning series Hierotopia and reveals why he describes himself as a non-fiction photographer 

Ahead of his Instagram takeover this week Christopher Roche steps into the spotlight and answers our quick-fire questions  

From the elegant lights at the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum to the striking structure of the Bishan Culture and Art Center, here are our favorite images entered to the 2020 Open competition this week 

Norwegian photographer Sigurd Fandango invites us to step into one the most exhilarating and high octane events on the planet

We showcase nine great photographers taking pictures of the world's most beautiful and fascinating buildings 

Ahead of George Natsioulis' takeover this week, he tells us why he's drawn to shape, color and shade when out photographing the streets 

Photographers selected for this week's round up come from all over the world, including Turkey, Myanmar, India and Germany

2020 Sony World Photography Awards - competitions