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Enter the world’s largest photography competition: June 1, 2016




"In November 2014, I was arrested and detained by the Ugandan equivalent of the CIA. For hours, they threatened to throw me in jail..."

When done well, aerial photography seems to have the remarkable ability of turning our perception of everyday life into something richly aesthetic. 

We spoke to Managing Director of World Press Photo, Lars Boering, to find out more about his first year at WPP, his vision for the future of the organisation, and how he deals with criticism. 

For this week's PhotoShelter interview, we speak to Tom Dymond, the official photographer for X Factor and Britain's Got Talent. 


Ahead of its third edition in September, PHOTOFAIRS | Shanghai launched a tour of five major Chinese cities and confirmed Feng Boyi as advisor of its new moving image program.

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2015 Sony World Photography Awards

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The World Photography Organisation works across more than 60 countries, celebrating the best imagery and photographers on the planet. We pride ourselves on building lasting relationships with both individual photographers as well as our industry-leading partners around the world. Interested to partner with us? Contact us

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