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creativehub by theprintspace is a revolutionary online platform that allows artists and photographers to easily upload, size and price their artworks.

"Using very fast shutter speeds, I have frozen the motion of the waves at a moment that makes them seem to have a character of their own - some look like mountains, some like monsters."

"Tense moments, agonizing defeats and thrilling victories are all for a genuine love for the game of baseball." 

"I hope my photos speak for themselves. I'm not looking for spectacular moments, but these little short scenes which sometimes last for a split second."

Between 17 - 20 March 2018, The Photography Show will welcome photographers and members of trade to the NEC Birmingham. Here are our recommendations for your visit. 

"I usually find the spot from where to take the picture rather quickly; the space dictates it, and my experience consents." 

"It is a tremendous privilege to be able to present this Award to such an important artist who has broken boundaries in her profession."

Check out our 2nd selection of highlighted images from the shortlist and commended photographers of the 2018 Sony World Photography Awards. 

Dazzling Winners (Exhibition)