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We catch up with Pubarun Basu, who won this year's Youth competition

We shine a spotlight on some of the best photo series successful in this year's Latin America Professional Award

Presented by British art historian Jacky Klein and entertainer Nish Kumar, A Year in Photos from the Sony World Photography Awards 2021 celebrates the work of the top winners in one of the world’s biggest photography competitions

Why we decided to reveal the Sony World Photography Awards 2021 results via video 

For the first time in the Sony World Photography Awards 14-year history we’re revealing the results via a very special, exclusive winners announcement video!

Andalusian horses, a Korean Baek-il party and celebrating the Altai people’s affinity with the landscape. Check out our review of selected images from this year’s Alpha Female Award

From leopard patterned foals to COVID compatabile concerts, the best single images from this year's Awards are revealed 

We take a look at a new book by a shortlisted photographer in this year's Sony World Photography Awards