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Winners & Shortlist - Picture This

The 2022 Picture This Grand Prize Winner and Finalists are revealed. The three successful entries were chosen from hundreds of videos responding to the brief The Time to Act is Now! HaoMing Du is awarded the Grand Prize Winner title for his creative stop motion video The Longer We Wait, The More it Takes. Du wins $1,000 USD, a Sony Alpha full-frame camera, and mentoring sessions with Sony Pictures Television and United Nations Foundation.

Congratulations to Finalists Clarisse de Thoisy and Kabelo Mohlatlole for their compelling videos It Is Still In Our Hands and Time is Now. They win a Sony ZV-1 Camera and will have their video mastered by the Sony Pictures Television’s creative team. 





Grand Prize Winner: The Longer We Wait, The More It Takes by HaoMing Du

I created this video very throughout June 2022 for this contest. Due to COVID-19, I decided I wanted to see what I could do at home, so I came up with stop-motion. I used clay that I bought and trash that I collected from my family over a few weeks and put together an ad about the effects of ocean pollution. I wanted to focus on ocean pollution because it is something that I have taken action on for school and services. I learnt that it is as important to spread awareness as to take action, so this was a good chance for me to spread awareness while exploring my creativity.

New video mastered by the Sony Pictures Television Creative Centre

Finalist: Time is Now by Kabelo Mohlatlole

With most human activities threatening the environmental systems, one of the consequences is climate change. As an environmental science student, I saw a need to make awareness to educate people about the catastrophic impacts of their actions. It is important to use natural resources in a more sustainable manner so that the generation coming after us could still benefit from the very same resources.

New video mastered by the Sony Pictures Television Creative Centre

Finalist: It Is Still In Our Hands by Clarisse de Thoisy

I filmed this video in Costa Rica from March-April 2022 with my DJI Mavic Pro 2 drone and Sony Alpha a6600 camera. The intention behind it was to make people see the perfection of our Planet's nature with the hope that it inspires them to protect it wherever they are and in any big or small way they can. It is still in our hands: We can still save the perfection that is Nature.

New video mastered by the Sony Pictures Television Creative Centre




The Riddled Green by Temiloluwa Johnson

The riddled green” is a poem extracted from an unpublished climate change anthology; Ecocide: Another Way to Commit Suicide. The particular piece is an insightful piece hammering on the symbiotic relationship between humans and nature. And it was intended to make us see, hear and feel it too. I am a storyteller who likes to tell stories with my voice, words and camera

Our Climate by Bilal Yussif

Climate change is the global phenomenon of climate transformation characterized by the changes in the usual climate of the planet (regarding temperature, precipitation, and wind) that are especially caused by human activities. As a result of unbalancing the weather of Earth, the sustainability of the planet’s ecosystems is under threat, as well as the future of humankind and the stability of the global economy.

Single-Use? by Jade Chongsathapornpong

Someone brought to my attention that in a meeting with a major chemical manufacturer, a sustainability argument was made in favor of lightweight "single-use" plastic bags. A typical "reusable" plastic bag needs to be reused over ten times to break even in impact vis-a-vis the single-use ones. Rather than taking that to mean we should accept single-use bags, it sounds like we should reconsider the "single-use" nomenclature altogether, especially while many municipalities continue to allow lightweight plastic bags. Quite a few friends of mine reuse their single-use plastics, but I've also seen otherwise. Hence, this short.

Order No #78839 by Nirmala Choudhary & Roopali Ramesh Kumar

Order #78839 is a 60-second short filmed with a digital setup and edited with Adobe Premiere Pro. The film was inspired by individual observations of various large-scale occasions and the consequent wastage of food at such events. Order #78839 was conceived, shot, and completed in the span of two weeks. The film stresses SDG 2: Zero Hunger.

We're All Counting On You by James Adams

“We're All Counting On You” is set in a world where Carbon Capture and Storage devices haven't been invented yet- but the world badly needs them. This entry was made to highlight the innovative technology that is Carbon Capture and Storage devices and to increase awareness of them. It was shot on a $0 budget by a tiny crew of passionate filmmakers.

Kids know why the Earth is vital by Mohammad Shahhosseini

Our kids are the next generation who will be living on this planet. We spent a day at the Dos Amigos/School in the Square in New York City and spoke with them about the Earth.

Team: Rick Velleu, Leslie Von Pless, Mohammad Shahhosseini

#NoBeef #LovetheSea by Athena Lim Malamas

The footage was shot in Trafalgar Square in June 2022. We asked members of the public to stand in solidarity and participate in raising awareness about how crucial our food consumption patterns are and the repercussions for the planet. The video addresses one of the most important things individuals can do to reduce their carbon footprint - not eating beef. It also aims to raise awareness that there is no way to beat climate change without radical changes in our diets.