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Introducing Institut de la Photographie

2 years ago

Many photographers dream to see their work being recognised and showcased one day but don't always know where to start when taking their first shot. Because photography is an art which regroups various techniques and categories, it can be tricky to find our way when launching oursleves into this field. 


L'Institut de la Photographie provides online lessons of professional photography to any curious artists who wish to learn more about the different methods they can use to create a great shot but also to all photographers already recognised by the industry. Through their training delivered by renowned tutors, photographers will be able to improve their knowledge and acquire precious skills that will prove to be useful for the development of their career. 


Located in different cities across the globe, their unique teaching method offers a great alternative to the usual training courses. Their French branch has recently created a module about Wedding Photography. 



Discover more about their French institute and their different offers here. Not a French speaker? Don't worry! You can find out more about their international academies here