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2020 June Youth Competition results!

4 years ago

For the 2020 Youth Competition, we decided to shake things up with a new format: this year we're running seven monthly competitions – from June to December – with a specific theme each month.

Below are the winning and shortlisted entries from 2020 Youth June's competition, where we asked photographers aged 12-19 to submit their finest landscape images.


Jason Chen, United States, 17 years old

 "Known as Yellowstone's the Grand Canyon, the rich, blue water cascading into the valley is accentuated by the surrounding tones of browns and greys, leading to a beautiful scene that illuminates the elegance and force of the waterfall."

“Winning June’s competition has not only taught me that my artistic vision is valuable, but that everyone has something unique to share. I’m absolutely delighted to receive this accolade, and I look forward to continue photographing the colors of our world.”



Adam Rábara, Slovakia, 17 years old

Benjamin Maze, Australia, 19 years old

"Sitting in this natural cave in the Blue Mountains, Australia, I watched this storm cloud unfurl before me like some sort of mutant beast."

Benjamin Maze, Australia, 19 years old

Julian Cristancho López, Colombia, 19 years old

"I took this picture to raise awareness about the strength of this plant, called the Frailejones, which you can find Colombia's Siscunsí – a páramo ecosystem. The plant helps with the earth's hydrological cycle because they retain water."

Lewis Dobbin, Australia, 17 years old

"This image marked the first time I saw true environmental beauty and the raw power of a landscape. I took this shot in Italy, in the Dolomites mountain range – an area almost untouched by man that preserves magnificent lakes."

Peter Zeller, Hungary, 17 years old

Phong Le, Vietnam, 18 years old

Christopher William, Indonesia,16 years old

The next theme for July's competition is Environment - now open for entries.