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2022 Creative Brief

Calling all content creators! 

The Time to Act is Now! 

This is a make-or-break moment for the planet. We need your help in creating a powerful call-to-action video that promotes a positive future for people and the planet.

Your challenge: produce an inspirational video that urges viewers to take action on one or more of the issues highlighted in the eight chosen Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We’re looking for targeted and impactful short videos in the style of advertisements running at either 30 or 60 seconds long. Submissions can be varied in technique, subject matter, and approach, but most importantly they must be impossible to ignore. 

Potential themes to inspire your creativity:

  • Feature easy and compelling ways for individuals to take climate action and protect the planet
  • Showcase innovative solutions to address a pressing environmental problem in your region 
  • Amplify moments of energy or inspiration in campaigns and activist groups pushing to act now for climate on the frontlines 
  • Rally viewers to appeal to world leaders to take urgent action toward net-zero emissions
  • Combat climate misinformation by spreading accurate climate science 

For more theme ideas, please visit the Resources section of the Picture This website. 

We can’t wait to see how you promote science, solutions, and solidarity for a livable future! 


Entry guidelines 

Before you submit please make sure:

  • You register or login here
  • You have a description for your submission (please add this to the ‘series description’ field) 
  • You have a link to your video, for example, it can be a Vimeo or YouTube URL, make sure it’s 1080 pixels ProRes HQ MOV*
  • You have a selection (1 to 5) thumbnails jpegs that illustrate your project.** Images used need to be: 
    • JPG format
    • Quality 10 or above
    • Between 1 to 5MB each 
    • Set to sRGB colour mode 

*You do not need to upload an MP4 file
**Please note, you'll need to fill in technical details about the images. If your images are screenshots from your video, please mark these fields as N/A or OTHER. 

Key points

  • Videos can be shot on any kind of device or camera
  • Make sure your video is exactly 30 or 60 seconds long 
  • For the high res for Finalists/winners they will need to submit the below so we can translate and prep for distribution:
    • A high resolution version with a minimum resolution of 1080 pixels ProRes HQ MOV and a minimum of 29.97 frames per second
    • Your audio mix and stems as separate files
    • Separated graphics
  • Enter before the deadline 5 July, 2022
  • One submission per person 
  • Make sure you don’t add a watermark 
  • You must retain full copyright of the footage
  • Your film must have been created in 2021 or 2022 
  • Please note video may be edited 


Themes to inspire your creativity:



Taking action.

  • Individual action: The choices we make and the lifestyles we live have a profound impact on our planet. From the electricity we use, to the food we eat and the way we travel, we all can help tackle the climate crisis and take care of our planet. Feature easy and compelling ways for individuals to take climate action and protect the planet. For ideas and messaging, check out the UN campaign for individual action, Act Now


Highlighting solutions.

  • Local climate solutions: Global change happens through local action. Feature a pressing environmental problem in your region and innovative solutions to address it, be them nature-based or new tech. 
  • Innovations: Whether it’s building a new device to capture and store carbon or recycling single-use plastics to build houses, people across the world are innovating to stop and reverse climate change. Feature cool new solutions that are showing up in the world, and the people bringing them to life.  


Encouraging advocacy and activism

  • Use your voice and vote: Encourage people to speak up to multiply their impact and create change on a much bigger scale. Feature moments of energy or inspiration in campaigns, like youth movements and Indigenous land defenders, pushing to act now for climate on the frontlines. 
  • Net Zero: Rally viewers to appeal to world leaders, urge their city, their  bank and employer to take urgent action toward net-zero emissions (e.g., end fossil-fuel subsidies, no new coal plants, no expansion in oil and gas exploration). 


Combating climate misinformation. 

  • Spread accurate climate science: People everywhere are joining the fight for urgent climate action - and we’re stronger when we unite around the best climate science. Feature  easy-to-digest climate facts, examples from the latest IPCC science can be found here at the UN Foundation’s Say it With Science initiative.


Past winners