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Pick of the projects! Professional competition special

1 year ago

For this week's Pick of the Pics, we shift our focus towards the Professional competition, where each project must comprise at least five to 10 images. Representing the importance of the series and breaking new ground in the photographic medium, the Professional competition has 10 thematic categories where each entry is judged for its narrative excellence, technical skill and ability in exploring creativity in new and exciting ways. Retitling our weekly round-up as Pick of the Projects, today we spotlight six series that have been entered over the past four weeks, including their full series descriptions and a small selection of images from each chosen series. 

If you have a project you think could win prizes, then enter the Professional competition now. You don't have to be a full-time photographer to participate, all you need is five to 10 related images. Alongside our thematic categories is Portfolio. Your submission doesn't have to be related by subject matter or narrative, it just needs to promote the breadth of a photographer’s portfolio. Highlights from multiple series can be included, or a mixture of commissioned and personal work. The key to succeeding in this category is to ensure your technical skills are evident and consistent.