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Secrets to success revealed

1 year ago

© Javier Arcenillas, Spain, 2nd Place, Professional competition, Architecture & Design, 2022 Sony World Photography Awards

With the deadline for this year’s Professional competition one week away, why not go through our checklist below to give your entry every chance of rising to the top? 

  • Delete all watermarks - if your images include a watermark they’ll fall at the first hurdle! 
  • Read the rules - Great entries can be disqualified because they don't adhere to the rules. The Professional competition rules can be found here.
  • Choose the right category - Give some serious thought to what category you choose as you won’t be able to move your submission once you’ve entered. With our Portfolio category, you can enter 5 to 10 single images that don’t have to be related in subject matter, narrative, or technique. 
  • Who is judging your images? The first thing you should do is take a look at the current jury. Research them and see what type of work they're interested in. If it’s your type of work then definitely enter. 
  • Remember all the details - Sometimes photographers forget to include the most obvious things, don’t rush your submission and take your time to methodically check every element. 
  • Have a bold edit - Sequencing and editing are very important elements of being a professional photographer and can take years to develop these skills. Don’t be scared to lose a sentimental image for the greater good of the project.
  • Think about how your work will be viewed - The judges will be looking through countless series so make your submission as clear as possible. Remember that sometimes less is more and focus on the strength of your work. 
  • Statements - The best supporting statements are honest and clear, and talk about what is most important to consider with the work. Don’t waffle with superfluous words.