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Constantly create and improve - Pauline Darley

6 years ago


Pauline Darley is a 28 year old self-taught photographer based in Paris. She has produced work in the realms of fashion, beauty and portrait​ure since 2010. She is a member of Sony Global Imaging Ambassadors

We caught up with her to discuss how, at such a young age, she has managed to make her mark in the photography world. 


Hi Pauline. Thanks for chatting with us. You started your career at just 17 years old. Tell us how you got your break in photography

Hello! I began to photograph at 17 years old just as a teenage passion. I turned professional when I was 20. It's very crazy to think that I worked so young. At this time, everything was natural: I shot every day or when I could (I was a student at the university at the same time) and people would ask my price... more and more, and I liked taking pictures so much, meeting people, every day was different!

I was afraid to be a freelance photographer because of the job. I live in Paris and it is a very expensive city. But I was encouraged by my boyfriend, my friends and my parents. Since I was 7, there have been high and low moments, but I learned so much about myself and my photography. I'm very lucky to work and love my job. ​


How important is the style in your work? Are you conscious of creating a "look and feel" or is the process quite natural for you? 

Not at all! I think it's very natural for me. I didn't think about "my style" or "create a style". I just shoot what I like and treat my pictures (colours, contrast) how I feel fit. It's certain I try some enhancements in my pictures but it's an evolution for me. My taste evolves constantly. I love aesthetics, so fashion, beauty and portraiture was a natural fit for me . 


​​Tell us about your most memorable shoot ​​

I don't know! Every shoot is memorable for me. I'm very lucky to travel and take pictures in cities like Barcelona, Amsterdam or Venice. I'm lucky to create my own projects, to work with some talented people (like Førtifem for my series "A Coeur Vaillant" for Schön Magazine. They create illustrations and animations on my pictures), to meet actors, bands, singers that I like. ​​

Do you have a photographic philosophy? 

"Work, work, work and be nice". It's very important to me to shoot every week. It's important to improve, to constantly create. 

What do you have planned this year? What's next? 

I don't plan anything! I want to travel and visit new places, because that's always very inspiring and resourceful to me.