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Winner and shortlist announced: 2021 August youth competition!

3 years ago

For August's Youth competition, we wanted to see your best culture-related images. For this month we asked you to submit those images that have enriched and expanded your appreciation of the world and its people. Be it immersing in your local culture, marveling at spectacular sights (near or far), or capturing a unique travel experience away from home, we wanted to see your best culture and travel photographs. Colour and an individual point of view are key here. 


Tianyang Wang, China Mainland, 18 years-old 

"I took this image during a trip to Tibet in March. It is such an honor to win the Sony World Photography Awards August Youth competition. I love the art of photography and seeing my works recognised means a lot." 


Mac Sealy, Australia


Myka Fromm, United States 


Sergey Muzraev, Russian Federation


Priyanshu Singh, India


Isa Analo, United States



BoBo, United States


Сергей Музраев, Russian Federation


Carlos Eduardo Jimenez Donoso, Colombia


© Mariia Shevchenko, Ukraine