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Michael Wayne Plant - City of London

7 years ago

Sony UK Ambassador Michael Wayne Plant began as a freelance advertising and architectural photographer in Brisbane, Australia. His work changed as he has, evolving through a number of genres, into what he is most passionate about, which is a return to his original interests in photography: storytelling.


Since January 2016, Michael has been documenting one of the global financial centers, the City of London. Walking the city using the techniques of street photographers he tried to start with no pre-conceived ideas of what the City is. He set out to discover the City, working within the limits of the City of London, what is commonly referred to as the Square Mile. Michael set out to look for traces of the financial world, on the urban and social landscape. 

For Michael, the project is ongoing and developmental, as he is using it as a way of exploring his own process as a photographer. For now, Michael does not know where it is going to end, and for him that is liberating. As he is concentrating on just seeing (and photographing) what makes the city. Working out what constitutes his personal vision of the Square Mile, as a global finance center means that he is trying to make images that reflect what he sees and feels when in the city.