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The nine architecture photographers you should be following on Instagram

4 years ago

There's long been an affiliation between architecture and photography: take French-Swiss architect Le Corbusier's 20-year collaboration with Hungarian photographer Lucien Hervé, or duo Hilla and Bernd Becher's sculptural images of industrial constructions across Europe and North America. Here we take a look at some of today's most exciting photographers interpreting the world's buildings. 

Sebastian Weiss is an architectural photographer based in Hamburg. Taking the time to study, examine and dissect each building he's visually drawn to, Weiss sees each of his photoshoots more like a conversation with a person than photographing an inanimate object. 'I look for the personality of a building and its secrets or traits,' he says. Unswayed by status or popularity, 

With a strong background in branding, print and digital design, Portuguese creative Marta Ferreira knows how to make all aspects of the visual language coherent and well thought out. With a soft color palette and ability to distill a scene into its simplest form, Ferreira highlights the essence of the buildings she chooses to photograph.  

After turning to photography full time in 2008, Aurélien Villette has since traveled more than 30 countries to hear and photograph stories that have shaped his vision of the world. What Aurelien puts forward in his photographs is this personal view of our civilization and its changes through the architectural constructions that succeed one another over time.

Alex Lysakowski's work explores industrial architecture, structural landscapes and photo manipulation. His Instagram feed is full of surreal and uncanny structural interaction within banal surrounding landscapes, eluding to a transitional space between reality and fiction while still retaining realism within the atmosphere of the image.

Using a tight crop in almost all of his images, Ishi Hako takes his subject out of context so we can enjoy their form, shape and style. A wonderful reminder of great graphic photography. 

With a startlingly bright color palette and super slick style, Tekla Evelina Severin photographs a vast range of buildings – from the trivial and municipal to the grand and historic. If a structure has charisma it normally makes the cut. 

Alexis Christodoulou is a self-taught 3D artist who has spent the last six years building a collection of works focusing on imaginary architecture. While working professionally as a copywriter for the last decade, Alexis taught himself 3D rendering as a hobby. From a lifelong fascination of digital worlds and 3D graphics from playing video games a boy, Alexis' images are a simple extension of his desire to see fantastic spaces come to life that echo a more modern and clean aesthetic.

French photographer Matthieu Venot was a sound engineer before he picked up a camera when he was 35 years old. Since 2014, he's developed his own photographic language, focusing his lens on architectural details and incorporating angles to create abstract geometric images. 

Finnish photographer Tuomas Uusheimo caught the judges attention in the 2019 Sony World Photography Awards with his photographs of Paimio Sanatorium, a former tuberculosis sanatorium in Paimio, Southwest Finland. The contrasts between man-made and nature, order and chaos, light and dark give a real tension to the series. The series was awarded 2nd place in the Professional competition's Architecture category

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