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This week's focus: Jack Harding

5 years ago

Jack Harding is 27-year old commercial landscape and lifestyle photographer currently based in Sweden. An avid traveller, Jack came to photography during a backpacking trip to Australia and South East Asia. Four years on he spends around 300 days of the year on the road, with camera in hand, embracing the unexpected. A Sony Ambassador with more than 252K followers on Instagram.  

Jack is taking over our Instagram feed for a week (17 to 23 March 2019), sharing a collection of his inspiring landscape imagers. We caught up with him to find out more about his photography

How has Instagram benefited your photography and if yes, how? 

Instagram has provided me with the opportunity to continuously meet new people for the past three years. A lot of my motivation and inspiration comes from people around me and this platform certainly provides that. It’s also a great shop window to show new audiences and clients what I'm capable of.

What do you think is hot right now in the photography world? 

I feel that storytelling and capturing emotions are becoming hot topics, many photographers have been taking great landscape photos for a long time but these elements have often been missing. 

What's your top tip for photographers using Instagram? 

Dare to be different, when I look at Instagram I see a handful of photographers creating something unique and they’re reaping the rewards. In the early days, things will move slowly, but you'll quickly be recognised and stand out from the mass blur of sameness. 

You're known for your arresting landscape imagery, how do you think this genre has changed in the past five years?  

The way the community are capturing images hasn’t changed a dramatic amount. We’re all still chasing light and searching for the next beautiful location. Photographers are definitely spending more time editing and the tools available are more than ever, which is leading to more unique styles. The genre has exploded in the last couple of years: more and more people are exploring the landscape, which is fantastic as long as we’re careful with the environment. 

What project are you working on at the moment? 

I’m spending a lot of time this year developing my workshops – teaching others how to take powerful pictures and use social media effectively. I’m also currently working on an exciting journey from the Arctic to Africa in a Land Rover Defender...That’s all I can say at the moment! 

See Jack's full portfolio here