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Highlights #8: 2018 Sony World Photography Awards

By World Photography Organisation | 3 years 7 months ago

Welcome to the final selection of Highlights from the 2018 Sony World Photography Awards. Thank you for tuning in everyone. We hoped you've learned more about the fantastic images from this year's awards. 

The reaction to this year's Sony World Photography Awards was incredible... and record-breaking, with the most amount of entries (319,561) in our 11-year history. With the names of all shortlisted and commended photographers now released, each week we will be choosing 10 highlighted images (5 from Open and 5 from Pro) ahead of all the images being displayed at the 2018 Exhibition in London from 20th April - 6th May.




"I went to Painted Hills in Oregon in order to capture the Solar Eclipse. The whole sequence lasted for several hours but the full eclipse only lasted for two minutes. Everyone around me was shouting and jumping. It was like a whole different world, unforgettable. This picture was processed to reproduce what I saw on that day at that moment." - Wenjie Qiao


"These unique beach huts in Osea Leisure Park, on the Blackwater Estuary are a minimalist landscape photographer's dream. The stylish huts on stilts are finished in soft pastel colours and are perfect for a clean long exposure, especially on a misty morning." - Neil Burnell



"For lunch, when I go to the kitchen in my office, I see the workers relaxing at the construction site next door." - Omer Faidi



"Increasingly over the last few years the rainy seasons have become shorter and shorter and the droughts more prolonged. Elephants travel from afar to seek refuge under Mt Kilimanjaro, whose snowmelt gives life to the lush swamps within Amboseli Park. Elephants traveling into the park from the North West have to cross Lake Amboseli, which is bone dry unless there are extended rains." - Tom Way



Graham Norton, (Ireland 1963,) is one of the UK's best-loved chat show hosts. His weekly chat show The Graham Norton Show, sees him interview the world's biggest personalities and is syndicated internationally. Graham is a comedian loved by most. He has won five BAFTA TV awards for his chat show. Graham also hosts a Saturday radio program, is British host for Eurovision Song Contest, and writes Norton's Advice Column in The Telegraph weekly. Graham is openly gay and an important voice in the gay community. This shot was shot for Observer Magazine at Direct Digital Studios in London, 17.10.2017." - Pål Hansen





From the series 'Inochi Azukemasu' by Chloé Jafé 

"This is a project I started 4 years ago about women in the Japanese mafia. I decided to gain access into the Yakuza organisation to try and find out what the women's role is in this little-known organisation." - Chloé Jafé



From the series 'Inochi Azukemasu' by Anastasia Riakovskaia

"This is a project I started 4 years ago about women in the Japanese mafia. I decided to gain access into the Yakuza organisation to try and find out what the women's role is in this little-known organisation." - Anastasia Riakovskaia




From the series 'The Last of The Crooners' by Tom Oldham

"The Last of The Crooners is a portrait of what was. Long before Gilbert and George made art in the East End of London, in a corner of every pub at weekends you'd find pub singers crooning their way through a set of jazz standards, entertaining audiences all over Hackney and Bethnal Green. These sharply turned out ladies and gentlemen entertained the throngs of people and kept them in the pub." - Tom Oldham



From the series 'Horsestyle' by Wiebke Haas

"The most difficult part was to keep the horses straight on to the camera. Most of the time they wanted to move their head to the side or downward. A good handling and lots of horse goodies were the highest priority. I focused on a great face and a harmonic choreography of the hair!" - Wiebke Haas



From the series 'The Twins of Koumassi' by Anush Babajanyan

"In the district of Koumassi in Abidjan, the twins and their mothers are concentrated around the area of the Koumassi Grande Mosque, where visitors of this mosque can see them after their prayers." - Anush Babajanyan