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The power of the print

3 years ago

One of the most exciting aspects of photography is that it’s the most contemporary of art forms. Our digital first age means we’re fortunate enough to encounter beautiful photographs every day yet we’re all guilty of speed looking at pictures. If we believe the statement that each day we scroll the length of the Statue of Liberty on our phones – 305 feet is an awful lot – that’s a considerable amount of photography (and content) we’re likely to forget, or not even process at all. Let's remember to avert our eyes from our screen, put our phone back in our pocket and take the time to go and look at photographs printed, framed and hung on the wall. 

Not only is seeing a print something truly special, it’s also key to our creative development. Taking an image out of a standardised platform like a phone is sure to spark questions: how does the size of an image play a part in its power to provoke? Does the paper it’s printed on affect the look, mood or overall feel of the artwork? Ambient light can be far more evocative than a uniform, backlit screen, so how does the light add to the picture and if so what is it enhancing? With a print you can examine it close up or take a step back and process the whole image. Looking at a print encourages us to spend more time looking, engaging with and pondering over what’s in front of us. An excellent print invites us to fight for the sophisticated language of imagery and reminds us to not accept monosyllabic imagery. 

The World Photography Organisation honors the print in our annual Sony World Photography Awards Exhibition, where a vast number of pictures entered into the competition will be reproduced to the highest standard. Alongside the Open, Student and Youth competition winners, all first, second and third series in the Professional competition will be presented in physical form. The superb prints are produced by theprintspace, the leading digital printing service to produce fine quality artworks. 

What will you learn about photography when visiting the Sony World Photography Awards Exhibition? Book your tickets to see what you’ll discover from the power of the print.