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Get your free online print sales guide!

By World Photography Organisation | 2 years ago

Our friends over at creativehub have just released their brand new book on how to sell your art online. All you need to know to navigate the online art market. Get your hands on a free copy now!

There is nothing more rewarding than having your favourite photographic prints up on the wall, reliving those decisive moments day in day out, and offering your fans this same opportunity can be as equally fulfilling! For photographers, online print sales can be an important factor for both your brand and financial income, but working out how best to offer this can be a difficult job. Well, creativehub have you covered with their free book, Selling Art Online 2018, which contains everything you need to help get your online print sales off the ground!


From understanding online consumer behavior, how to price for online print editions, right through to advertising your store and digital marketing strategies, Selling Art Online 2018 gives you practical guidance as well as direct solutions at every step. They’ve also included case studies on established artists funding their career with online sales, such as aerial photographer Tommy Clarke, to help provide objective insights into the possibilities of offering online print sales today.

To know whether this book will help you, ask yourself a few questions; Do you sell your photography online? If so, are your online print sales where you’d like them to be? If you answered no to either of those questions, then reading creativehub’s book should be especially helpful.

Join the growing wave of photographers making a career online!