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Don't miss these strange worlds crammed full of colour and style

6 years ago

Aleksandra Kingo is a London-based photographer and director. Focusing on still life and fashion photography, Aleksandra has worked for variety commercial and editorial clients, including TK Maxx, Hunger Magazine and Bloomingdale's.

We featured a number of images from her portfolio on the @WorldPhotoOrg feed. 


Hi Aleksandra. Please introduce your self and your photography

Hey. Sure! I am a photographer who is all about graphic shapes, pretty colour combinations, unexpected plot twists and self irony. I am almost 26 and I am from Vilnius Lithuania, but I have been living in London for quite a while now. 


Tell us about the series of images we featured. Do you have a favourite, and why? 

The images you got from me is not really series linked by a concept, but rather a selection of my favourite recent work from different projects, both personal and commercial. I guess the one I am most fond of is the yellow Miu Miu shot. I was very excited to work with them and pleased to have the freedom to do whatever I wanted. The image has a wonderful Magritte'esque feel to it and is quirky, surreal and sophisticated at the same time. 


Why photography? What does the medium mean to you?

The way I work is very much about ideas as well as orchestrating a crew of talented people and I love every second of that process. I enjoy matching colours, coming up with silly ideas and finding ways of bringing them to life. My images are all about things, styles, tones and moods that I like and it's sort of me creating the coloured fun world that I'd love to live in. 


What advice would you give those trying to make it in the worlds of fashion and commercial photography?

Test and experiment. Make the most of social media. Think twice before working for free.  

Where do you draw inspiration from?

Lots of places! Funny things that happen to me in everyday life, social media and memes, popular culture in general, some artists I like and also colour and shape combinations I see around.




Ready, set, go!