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Pablo Albarenga - Creative - 2020 Sony World Photography Awards

4 years ago

In 2017, at least 207 leaders and environmentalists were killed around the world while protecting their communities from mining, agribusiness and other projects threatening their territories. According to a 2018 report by Global Witness, most of these cases occurred in Brazil with 57 assassinations being recorded, of which 80% were against people defending the Amazon. While the statistics expose an alarming situation, they fail to provide detailed information about the stories and people, nor about the struggles they still face. Despite being immersed in such a violent situation, indigenous and traditional populations refuse to abandon their land, even when it has been completely destroyed. The reason for this stoicism lies in their unique bond to their territories - this land is their life-support, a sacred area in which hundreds of generations of their ancestors rest. Seeds of Resistance seeks to explore the bond between the land defenders and the territories they inhabit. By using aerial footage, the main character are seen from above, as though they are laying down their lives for their territory. A second image is shot from a much higher altitude to show their land and reveal, where possible, the threats they face