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Tatsuki Katayama - 2017 Sony Student Grant

We see sculpture as a three-dimensional form that often needs to be experienced in person, however it is commonly reproduced through photography. How does photography transform our encounters with everyday objects? Focussing on form and light the series of images will bring to light how we can turn the common object into something unusual, beautiful and fascinating.

Each of the three photographers from the 2017 student focus awards have been chosen as they span three continents, the photographers will need to work together to ultimately create a showcase of their work - seen as one body - along this one central theme but maintaining their individual/geographical view.


Tatsuki Katayama - He was born in 1991 in Tokushima, Japan, Tatsuki studied Contemporary Art and Photography at the Kyoto University of Art and Design. He was selected for ULTRA AWARD 2015: Post-Internet Art by Young Japanese Artists - New Materiality, New Mediality.