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Still Life shortlist and finalists On Screen

Often presenting a group or an arrangement of objects, images in this category typically depict inanimate subject matter. Approaches were varied, with a modern twist on classic tropes as well as the experimental and pioneering. Judges closely considered the interpretation of the subject, paying particular attention to composition, lighting and framing.



Alessandro Gandolfi, Italy, Immortality, Inc.


Chen Fangbin, China Mainland, 《Disassembl Memory》


Elena Helfrecht, Germany, Plexus




Cecilia Manzanares Vargas, Mexico Specimen 07


Emilia Cocking, United Kingdom, On Diversion


Molly Percy, United Kingdom, Priceless


Paul Fuentes, Mexico, The New Pop Art


Sabina Candusso, Italy, Curriculum Vitae


Sandrine Laure Dippa, France, Château Rouge


Yelena Strokin, Russian Federation, Growing Knowledge