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Camilo Diaz, Colombia

2017 Sony World Photography Awards - Winner, Motion, Open Competition


Camilo Diaz, (born 1981 in Medellin, Colombia) studied Visual Arts at the National University of Colombia and further Fashion Photography, Advertising and Film Studies at various universities in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2003 kickstarted his personal project that spans to present day. “Pararell Histories” shadows the intimate daily lives of others. Crossing 3 countries every year, fixed photos portray the subjects inner life as well as the essence of their surroundings. In 2008, in partnership with William Kano, The Mind's Store Production Company was created. With focus on big brands in both advertising and fashion (adidas, ona saenz, coragroupo, pepas, illiakuliaki and the valderramas …) then continue to expand and also include subaquatic sports and underwater photography. In 2015/2018 he earns 2nd place at the International Photography Awards (Lucies Awards) in New York. In 2016 he earns 1st place for his winning entry at the 'In-Water Photographer of the Year' awards. In 2017 he earns the Motion category at the Sony World Photography Awards, Open - 2nd Place at Tokyo International Foto Awards - International Photographer of The Year. Camilo Diaz is still based in Medellin and continues to develop new projects including work with the University of Bellas Artes.