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Carole Pariat, France

2019 Sony World Photography Awards - Category Winner, Travel, Open Competition


After ten years in the industry as purchasing manager in an international context, Carole Pariat decided, in 2015, to give a different path to her life and professional career. She followed a one-year training course in photography at EFET Paris and then practice photo reportage in Asia and Latin America. The common point between her previous activity and her current practice of photography: the interaction with people of different cultures in their environment. In her way of photographing, Carole invites us to look at the other in its difference and diversity. Her look is abundant, sometimes a bit amused, but always kind. The lens under her eye does not look for the sensational. Carole's ambition is to use photography as a mean to inform us about others and their environment, by making us go beyond our assumptions. It documents the real and questions our humanity with simplicity. These dimensions are reflected in her style. Carole's photographs are often marked by attention to details in order to make perceptible the social and human context in which the images were taken. Strong contrasts, shimmering colors mark her clichés and characterize the style of this humanist photographer.