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Florence Iff, Switzerland

2011 Sony World Photography Awards - Winner, Landscape, Professional Competition


Florence Iff started to take pictures with her grandfather's camera when she was 12, developed and printed in the lab self-taught, experimented also during her training period and still enjoys using photography as a main medium. Therefore, she considers herself more as an artist than a photographer.

Her way of working with the medium is not merely a classical one, but she is interested in what lies behind the surface of a plane picture, what is possible and where the limits are. She often mixes media and explore boundaries of imaging combining web-based photographs with scanned cut-outs from magazines, medical photographs and analog images either from her archives or found images from flee markets.

Florence's inspiration either comes from philosophical, political, scientific or cultural sources and it takes her usually several years to explore a subject within its wide range and levels and to accomplish work series within the topic. For several years now, she has been working on the subjects of the Anthropocene and Climate Change as a longterm project.