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Martin Brent, United Kingdom

2010 Sony World Photography Awards - Winner, Advertising, Professional Competition


Ever since he was a kid, Martin Brent wanted to be a photographer. He got his first proper camera for his 10th birthday and his fully fitted photography anorak was in place from there on, its all Ihe has ever done and all he ever wanted to do and now he is an advertising and fine art photographer working out of London, Amsterdam and New York.  When he is not shooting on assignment photography is still his hobby. Advertising photography is an art, the art of translating an idea into something tangible. it has to fight hard for its message to hit the mark, the public rarely seeks out advertising so we have to grab and hold their attention. When Adam gets a brief, he immerses himself in it,  its important for the photographer to completely get it,  authenticity is key.


Adam is also a past President of Association of Photographers London and D&AD judge.  He has been fortunate to shoot all over the world for advertising agencies as well as shooting travel assignments for a variety of clients  including Speedo, Adidas, Landrover, Swiss, HSBC, Sony Ericsson to name a few. He feels very fortunate to be doing something he loves.

In his personal work, he seeks the decisive moment, fragments of time, the lost moment. He is fascinated by the scenes and events that occur unnoticed, things at the periphery, places we pass through and events we pass by, the in between places if you will.


His fine art is available through Eyestorm and Victor Felix Gallery.