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Rachel Yee Laam Lai, Hong Kong

2019 Sony World Photography Awards - Category Winner, Still Life, Open Competition


Rachel Yee Laam Lai is an amateur photographer specialized in macro and plant photography. She is a self-taught artist and plant breeder from Hong Kong. She is gifted with a unique aesthetic sense in colour. The sensitivity and persistence of her own colour choice have led her to the journey of photography and art creation since she was young.

Since then, she has integrated a variety of bold colours into her art creations by letting the paints move, flow and interact with each other. She further builds a bridge between the art details that naked eyes are difficult to observe and the real world but by using macro photography to showcase a whole new angle and perspective of the art piece. That way audiences can experience both the details in the art piece and the art piece as a whole under different dimensional space.

Photography, art and nature always brings Rachel so much inspiration and joy. She can be very picky and strict during the creations process with her high artistic standard. After so many tough self-criticisms, her works would finally come together with the colours and the concept that she envisioned, especially when they are on the image. The vibe and energy generated are positive, vibrant and thriving just like art and nature she always being inspired and photographed.


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