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Stephan Zirwes, Germany

2019 Sony World Photography Awards - Winner, Architecture, Professional Competition

2016 Sony World Photography Awards - 3rd Place, Architecture, Professional Competition


Born 1967 in Sindelfingen, Germany, Stephan Zirwes is a professional photographer who is specialised in aerial photography with an artistic approach to the themes of the environment and our surroundings. He has been working with still and moving pictures since the early 90s creating video installations, art-videos and visual-arts. He then started focusing on Art Photography and working with drones for many years for industry, movie productions and his own art projects. Structures and (un)intended arrangements are in the focus of his free work. The pictures have many layers: it is about aesthetic, but on a documentary approach, also about ethics. Compositions which are harmonious in colour and graphic, turn out as pictures with scars in nature - made by humans. Pictures full of little stories and political elements which are made visible only through the distance from above.


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