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2017 Sony World Photography Awards Shortlist Announcement in:




"Printing is “the holy grail” of photography, the ultimate culmination of a photographer’s effort in capturing and sharing the moment. Nothing compares to having a physical print in hand."

Publisher Author, Activist, Photographer and Huffington Post Photojournalist, Seph Lawless, is best known for his ongoing project entitled Autopsy of America, which documents the most abandoned and forgotten parts of the United States.

"I have often found that the most upsetting scenes, while difficult and heart wrenching to watch are the most important to photograph."

"Norway is a once-in-a-lifetime destination and the essence of its appeal is remarkably simple: this is one of the most beautiful countries on earth."


The competition, now well established as one of the leading events in the photography calendar each year, offers a one of a kind opportunity for photographers to present their photography in the public realm.

Applications are now open for the fourth edition of PHOTOFAIRS | Shanghai; Asia-Pacific's leading international art fair dedicated to photography. The 2016 edition brought together 50 galleries from 15 countries and 24 cities, making it the most international edition to date.

We partnered with PhotoShelter for the 2017 Photographer’s Guide to Photo Contests. Get a rundown of 42 photo contests worldwide.


2017 Sony World Photography Awards

Sony World Photography Awards - 2017 Categories