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Images that soak up memories and surroundings

5 years ago

Tina Albrecht is a photographer based in Vancouver Canada. Her images capture moments in her life ranging from expansive landscapes to small intricate details, food and lifestyle. We featured her for a week on the @worldphoto org feed. 

Hi Tina. Please introduce yourself and your photography

I am a travel and lifestyle photographer based in Vancouver Canada. 

Tell us in more detail about the series of images we featured. Do you have a favourite, and why?

I really love the image of my partner Scott (@othellonine) standing on a rocky hilltop. For me, it really encapsulates our life on the west coast, rainy, misty, foggy… it sounds miserable, but I have learned to love the weather that we have here and the feeling that it brings to my photographs. 


Why photography? What does the medium mean to you? 

Photography has always held a special spot in my heart. Growing up I was surrounded by photography, my dad was an amateur photographer and our home was always filled with photo albums and in the winter months, my sister and I would spend Saturday evenings digging through our dad's boxes of old slides and having slide shows. 

This really developed my appreciation for photography and its ability to capture moments and memories. Capturing those special moments has become a driving force in my photography. I want to create images that stir up feeling and emotion in my viewers and also in myself.


Do you have a photographic philosophy? 

Being present is a huge part of my philosophy. I like to take time to soak in my surroundings, to feel them, live them and breathe them before I start taking an image. 

What inspires you, where in the world are you, and what's next? 

Light and small details are an inspiration for me. I love watching the light and how it changes.



Ready, set, go!