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Always improve, always experiment, always do better

By World Photography Organisation | 6 months ago

Marta Bevacqua is an Italian photographer and director based in Paris, France. We featured a selection of her work on the @worldphotoorg feed, and caught up with her to find out more.


Hi Marta. Please introduce yourself and your photography to our audience 

Hi! I'm Marta, I am an Italian photographer, now living in Paris, France. I always had a passion for photography and I'm happy to say it's my job now. I mainly work in fashion and beauty, even if I always work on my personal project at the same time. I'm represented by Open Space Paris.


Tell us about the series of images we featured. Do you have a favourite, and why? 

Maybe the portrait of the 3 freckled girls, even if it's so difficult to say. I love this picture since I've a great passion for freckles and I had the possibility to shoot 3 freckled girls at one time, something that happens not that often.


Why photography? What does the medium mean to you? 

Right now it's more like a drug. I mean, I cannot imagine myself not taking pictures. I NEED to take pictures. At the same time, it's the medium I use to express myself and my creativity. I need to create, it has always been like this. 

Do you have a photographic philosophy? 

Always improve, always experiment, always do better (at least: try to do better!).





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