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Top tips: entering Picture This

1 year ago

Thinking about entering the video competition Picture This? For content creators, being recognised in a competition gives worldwide visibility and recognition - making it high on the priority list for many wanting to take the next step in their career. With Picture This being free to enter, you really have nothing to lose by taking part - but what does it take to make your entry stand out from the rest? Below we share some top tips for making your submission go further in the competition. Plus, don’t forget…entries close 5 July at 21:00 BST!  


While spending some time researching other inspirational videos is always useful, entries that are highly derivative in style, subject matter, or narrative are likely to miss making it to the next round of judging. Picture This is all about celebrating the best in video NOW, so how can you pay homage to your influences or put a twist on a familiar story? Championing the protection of the planet for a positive future is certainly the zeitgeist of our time, but how will you bring a unique angle to this narrative? It can be incredibly exciting for judges to see entries that subvert the status quo through a distinctive approach and is sure to make them want to look again. 


It’s an obvious one we know but make sure you’ve read the rules (and read them again!) before you take the time to submit If your submission isn’t exactly 30 or 60 seconds in length, has a watermark or wasn’t created between 2021 to 2022, then, unfortunately, your submission will fall at the first hurdle. Take a look at the entry checklist too, to make sure your submission fulfills all essential criteria. 


What story do you want to tell through this year’s creative brief? Framing your film within one (or more) of the eight Sustainable Development Goals under the title The Time to Act is Now!, take the time to choose what connects. For the 2022 edition of Picture This, submissions need to be in the style of a promotion or advertisement with a powerful call to action. Sometimes looking close to home is advised. What related pressing environmental problems are taking place in your region? Have there been any campaigns or activist groups pushing to act now? Are there any local individuals who are engaging with world leaders to take urgent climate action? 

Picture This welcomes submissions from all backgrounds and skill levels. Whether this is your first crack at creating a short video or you’re a successful, established content creator, it’s always helpful to get a trusted friend’s opinion on your submission before you enter. There might be some useful feedback from their fresh perspective you can apply. Be confident with your overall key messages and creative choices. 



A key goal of Picture This is to combat climate misinformation by spreading accurate climate science. Make sure any facts or figures to use in your film to add gravitas are fully checked out as validating any date is sure to appeal to the judges. ​​Check out the UN Foundation’s Say it With Science initiative here at for the latest IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) science. 


So it’s not a bad rush a few hours before the deadline (that’s 5 July, 21:00 BST) why not set yourself your own deadline a week before? If you have any questions during the submission process you’ll then give the support team plenty of time to get back to you so everything is crystal clear. While you’re in the final stages of prepping your entry, keep in mind the final output and how the judges will be viewing your submission. Rather than uploading an MP4 file you’ll be including a link to your video. This can be a Vimeo or YouTube URL, so make sure it’s 1080 pixels ProRes HQ MOV.

Now you’ve got our top tips to make your entry as strong as possible and to increase your chance of becoming the next Picture This overall winner, we want to wish you the best of luck! With the first prize being a Sony camera, $1,000 (cash), plus a screening of your video on a Sony Pictures Television Network, what are you waiting for? Enter for free now!