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The 11 landscape photographers you should be following on Instagram

3 years ago

The landscape has long been a subject of great interest for artists, with many photographers since the medium's inception turning their lens towards nature's great wilderness as a continual source of inspiration. We showcase 11 landscape photographers on Instagram who reach an international audience by celebrating the beauty and diversity of our world while reinforcing the need to preserve it. 

Be inspired by America's great wilderness with Nathaniel Wise's extraordinary shots of the country's most stunning National Parks. Currently living on the road out of his Toyota 4Runner SUV, Wise only picked up a camera three years ago after moving to Washington State. Read our interview with Nathaniel Wise here.

One might think a platform like Instagram would be too restrictive to showcase Andreas Gurksy's larger-than-life photographs - which often exceed three meters wide when seen in exhibition. Viewing his work in smaller scale offers up other questions for the viewers to consider, with the super-saturated colors and meticulously composed scenes having just as much impact. 

Embracing the view from above, Swedish photographer and videographer Tobias Hägg uses drones to present some of the world's most spectacular – and seemingly remote – parts of the world. Using a muted color palette and his astute eye, Hägg's posts are sure to expand your appreciation of our planet every time they pop up on your feed. Read our interview with Tobias Hägg here.


Having risen to fame for his dynamic YouTube channel, which now has an impressive 352,000 subscribers, British photographer Thomas Heaton Instagram following is just as strong, with most of his posts receiving around 12,000+ likes. Passionate about getting out there and experiencing the great outdoors, Heaton's Instagram account is as motivating as it is beautiful. 

Wanting to create images of things of what she photographs look completely different to how we usually see them, fine art photographer Rachael Talibart's seascapes stay with you. Accompanying insightful captions with her powerful wave images, Rachael's posts remind us how the sea can be an antidote to our complicated, modern lives. Rachael was shortlisted in the 2018 Sony World Photography Awards landscape category in the Professional competition

Edward Burtynsky presents sobering, large-scale depictions of our impact on the planet. Put together by the Candian photographer's team, Burtynsky's feed is an interesting mix of news, latest work and thoughts by the passionate conservationist.   

Awarded second place in the 2018 Sony World Photography Awards' Natural World category in the Professional competition, Mitch Dobrowner has made his name by photographing extreme weather. 'These storms are amazing sights to witness and I’m just happy to be there, shot or no shot, as I’m watching Mother Nature at her finest,' says the American photographer. 

Twenty-seven-year-old Jack Harding first came to photography during a backpacking trip to Australia and South East Asia. Four years on he spends around 300 days of the year on the road, with camera in hand, embracing the unexpected. A Sony Ambassador with more than 281K followers on Instagram, Harding's account is a place where the commercial and fine art photography worlds meet. Read our interview with Jack Harding here.

Daniel Beltrá is perhaps best known for his book SPILL, where he shot from above the devasting effects of the 2010 explosion on the Deepwater Horizon oil drilling rig, which sent 210 million gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico. Teaming up his strong, graphic aerial shots with informative captions, Beltrá highlights man's impact on the planet through his compelling landscape imagery.

Preferring suggestion to description, black & white over color, and winter over summer, British landscape photographer Michael Kenna has a wonderfully distilled way of seeing the world. His style seems rooted in intimation, encouraging the individual’s receptiveness and participation. A wonderful account to follow. 

After a few scrolls through Turkish photographer Erdem Summak's Instagram feed, it's easy to see why he's made a career as a content creator for tourism boards around the world. With a wonderful eye and a subtle approach to post-processing, Summak's images invite you to enjoy the simple beauty of the world's most enigmatic landscapes.  


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