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Breathtaking landscapes from the National & Regional Awards

3 years ago

The Sony World Photography Awards embraces all different genres, aesthetics and techniques within the photographic medium and in its 14 year history the Awards has seen an impressive array of imagery by photographers of all abilities. Nowhere is that showcased more than in the National & Regional Awards. Now in its ninth year, the programme has given worldwide exposure and opportunities to more than 500 photographers. Being a recipient of a National Award can be the start of a very exciting career.

To truly applaud the diversity of photography seen in the Sony World Photography Awards, we're running a mini series up until the announcement of the Professional competiton's finalists and shortlist on the 25th February where we look at different genres and camera techniques. For this post we look at some of the best landscape images from this year's National & Regional Award recipients.  

From vast open vistas to intimate views, the landscape is a genre that's caught the attention of photographers for generations. It's fascinating to trace the history of photography and see how creative inviduals have used to subject to further the medium. Take Edward Steichen's Pictoralist renditions of the natural world as a starting point and marvel at Ansel Adams' dramatic monochromatic images of Yosemite's monoliths. Minor White's minimalist landscapes highlighting how photography and mindfulness intertwine is a practice to ponder over, as well as Andreas Gurksy's faultless, highly detailed large format colour images of the world from above. Here are just a few landscape images recognised in this year's National & Regional awards.