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Incredible portraiture from the 2021 National & Regional Awards

3 years ago

The National & Regional Award winners are chosen from entries to the Open competition, which rewards striking standalone images highlighting the beauty of our world. Photographers could submit up to three images across ten categories - including Portraiture. The successful images were chosen for their power to communicate a visual narrative with excellent technical and creative skills. Well done to the 51 photographers acknowledged!

To celebrate the diversity of photography with the Awards, we're showcasing collections of images that encapsulate either a particular camera technique or genres. So far we've looked at black & white, aerial and landscape photography. Up next is portraiture. 

A good portrait gives the viewer a deeper insight into the sitter and invites them to engage, interpret and read the image. Be it studio, candid or even a self-portrait, pictures of people that evoke, arrest, inspire go further in the Sony World Photography Awards. As our 2019 Outstanding Contribution to Photography recipient Nadav Kander says in his most recent book, The Meeting, which is published by Steidl, the publishing house run by Gerhard Steidl who was the 2020 recipient of the same award, 'If I manage to make a portrait that stirs a viewer then they complete what I call "the triangle" by bringing their own story or state of mind to the picture.' We've selected a collection of images from this year's National & Regional Awards that we feel ask you to find your own meaning in each shot.