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The Bolivian Altiplano - Panos Pomonis

7 years ago

Originally from Greece, Panos Pomonis was featured on the @worldphotoorg account with a series of photos from the Bolivian altiplano, a place of volcanic otherworldly beauty at 5000 meters above sea level. 

Panos picked up his diploma of higher education in Photography from Middlesex University. He started experimenting with photography in his early teens with an old Zenith (Russian camera). He has worked professionally as a photographer for more than ten years before moving to the UK in 2008 and has worked with several online startups before he joined the World Photography Organisation as an Online Project Manager a year and a half ago.

Traveling and getting to know different cultures is one of his favourite pastimes. In the autumn of 2011 he returned to South America for the "journey of a lifetime", spending 7 months in Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Bolivia and Peru.


'The Hut' by WPO Online Project Manager @pomonis - shares with us some of the images he has taken on the Bolivian Altiplano. #WPOFaves #Bolivia

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