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2020 Youth competition

Seven competitions, seven chances: this year’s format for our Youth competition gives you more opportunities to be the next Youth Photographer of the Year.

If you’re aged between 12-19 years old, you’re can submit up to three images relating to a specific theme each month. Each competition starts on the first and ends on the last day of that month. Running from June to December, they’ll be seven themes to inspire you. 

We’ll be updating this page with each month’s theme. For those that need a bit of inspiration, we’ll be sharing some great photographs relating to that month’s theme to spark your creativity. You don’t have to enter every month but the more times you do take part, the greater the chance you have of being awarded that exciting Youth Photographer of the Year as the seven monthly winners will then compete to win the prestigious title – announced in April 2020.

August's competition

 open for entries from August 1 to 31 2019

This month we’re asking you to submit images relating to the theme NATURE & WILDLIFE.

There’s never been a more exciting time to be a nature and wildlife photographer. With wildlife documentaries enjoying unprecedented success, the public are responding to the power of visual storytelling to learn more about the beauty and diversity of our natural world – and the pressing need to preserve it.

  • Be it depicting the big cats roaming Africa’s great plains or the bugs and critters inhabiting your back garden, we want to see your images showing the spirit and behavior of wildlife and the environment they live in. Images in this genre are normally taken without any humans in the picture.

WINNER ANNOUNCED September 10, 2019


One winner and a shortlist will be announced on the World Photography Organisation’s social media and the winner will also be featured on our weekly newsletter. Share your images with us on Instagram by using the hashtag #youthofswpa. 

How to enter

  • Read this month’s competition theme and select one to three images relating to that theme

  • Register or login to your account

  • Navigate to the competition section and select Youth 

  • Read the checklist below to ensure your submission will upload successfully

  • Upload one to three images relating to that month’s competition theme 


Before you enter checklist

Before you enter make sure all of your images are:

  • JPG format and saved at quality 10 or above, or the maximum quality possible (depending on which software you use)

  • That your image is between 1-5 MB

  • Your image is set to the sRGB color mode (just make sure the mode is not CMYK)

  • Don’t forget! This competition is open to 12 to 19 year olds, if you’re over 19 why not considering Student, Open or Professional competitions

If you’re not entirely sure how to resize or reformat your images have a search online, there are loads of great resource immediately available to help you out. If for some reason your photographs aren’t uploading to the World Photography Organisation website, please double check your images are JPEG format and try again. If you’re still having trouble, contact us here


Themes, deadlines and announcements

All you need to know

June competition: LANDSCAPE, open for entries from June 1 to 30

July competition: ENVIRONMENT, open for entries from July 1 to 31

August competition: NATURE & WILDLIFE, open for entries from August 1 to 31

September competition: TRAVEL, open for entries from September 1 to 30

October competition: PORTRAITURE, open for entries from October 1 to 31

November competition: STREET PHOTOGRAPHY, open for entries from November 1 to 30

December competition: OPEN CALL - YOUR FAVORITE IMAGE FROM 2019, open for entries from December 1 to 31

Click on the competition theme below to enter your images to the Youth competition!