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Stunning photos capture the magic of childhood

5 years ago


Agnieszka Maruszczyk is a 39-year-old photographer based out of Poland. She has been focused on photographing childhood, as well as exploring street photography in her home country and when traveling around the world. She shoots in both black and white, and colour. Her photographs have been commended in the Sony World Photography Awards in 2016 and 2018.

Her image 'Strongman' will be digitally displayed at the 2018 Exhibition, Somerset House, from 20th April - 6th May. 

Hi Agnieszka. Thanks for chatting with us. Please introduce yourself and your photography 

Before I talk about myself, I want to say big thank you for taking the time and showing interest in my photography! I'm Agnieszka Maruszczyk, I was born and grew up in Poland. Having lived in the UK for some years I returned to my home country where I'm currently based. I'm 39 years old, working for a global IT company recruiting new talent, being a mum to a young boy and whenever I have a minute grabbing my camera and looking at this world through the lens. Photography has become my passion, my obsession, and my escape. 

I take a lot of photos of my son, keeping it very raw and real (usually in black and white). I go out and search for light and little moments on the streets as well - both close to home and when we travel around the world. I like watching people, how they interact with each other and the environment around them. Photography opened my eyes and I'm simply seeing more of the world around me.

I enjoy telling stories with my pictures, rather than taking single images. The most important project I'm working on is about childhood (boyhood in particular), which is personal (focused on my son) and continuously in progress.   

I'm very fortunate to see a portrait of my son in the top 50 photos in the category for the second time in the Sony World Photography Awards. This is a huge win for me and makes my son equally happy and proud! If you're keen to explore my photography, it can be viewed on my Facebook and Instagram and I invite everyone to take a look! 


Why photography? How did you get started in the medium? 

I started consciously taking pictures and searching for my style after my son was born and while traveling (5-6 years ago). It became my secret entrance to my son's world, but also gives me access to situations and places I wouldn't dare to enter without a camera in hand. 

Tell us more about your successful image in this year's competition. It is a very powerful but also humorous and touching image 

This particular image always puts a smile on my face. And as it usually happens with most of my favorite photos, there was no particular plan behind it. We went for a walk in Greenwich and while it was nice I was hoping for a bit more fun and action. I asked my son to take his shirt off and show me some of his karate moves. But it was probably too cold for that and to warm him up a bit I asked him to show me how strong he was. He started showing me his muscles and putting a really serious face while focusing on the task.  


Do you have a photographic philosophy? 

I don't like to over-think or over-talk it too much and I simply want to be honest in what I do. I hope my photos speak for themselves. I'm not looking for spectacular moments, but these little short scenes which sometimes last for a split second. I don't need my photography to be perfect technically either, some of them are not sharp or are very grainy - I don't mind that as long as they move, surprise or make the viewer laugh.


Where in the world are you and what's next for you? 

My place is with my family and in my home country, while at the same time I want to travel and explore the world further. I want to nurture the curiosity within me and photography is a great tool to keep wondering about this world.

What's next for me? I want to keep having as much fun with photography as I have now, constantly developing and learning, searching for new inspirations, making progress. It was never my intention to live fully from photography. I really like that it allows me to do what I want, how I want and when I want. I will keep exploring and photographing childhood, but I also have some ideas for some longer-term projects, which I would like to start working on in my neighborhood (I only wish I will have enough time for it!). I will also keep searching for inspirations and learning opportunities, to make sure this exciting photography journey never stops.