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Highlights #3: 2018 Sony World Photography Awards

5 years ago

The reaction to this year's Sony World Photography Awards was incredible... and record-breaking, with the most amount of entries (319,561) in our 11-year history. With the names of all shortlisted and commended photographers now released, each week we will be choosing 10 highlighted images (5 from Open and 5 from Pro) ahead of all the images being displayed at the 2018 Exhibition in London from 20th April - 6th May. 

Carry on reading below to see the third selection of highlights and to find out more about each image...




"Tense moments, agonizing defeats and thrilling victories are all for a genuine love for the game of baseball. What became an Indianapolis Indians tradition after each win late in the 2016 season, carried into 2017 as Jason Rogers is doused with Gatorade by Elias Diaz." - Adam Pintar


"My image was shot in 2017 at Karmoy, Norway. This is a portrait of Lina, whom I have photographed over a period of six years." - Tina Signesdottir Hult


"A portrait of a woman with freckles taken earlier in 2017. This image was taken in the studio using two soft lights (with softness altered in post-production)." - Sphiwo Hlatshwayo


"Taken in Denver, Colorado at the corner of a street. This homeless man was sitting in a wheelchair after a hit & run accident left him paralyzed from the waist down." - Raed Ammari


"Urban sports areas in Havana, created from derelict sites provide an important sport and recreational area for urban youths. Often very basic, but brightly painted, they provide an often unseen part of the local culture." - Mark Phillips





From the series 'Generation Wealth ' by Lauren Greenfield

"Generation Wealth is my 25-year visual history of our growing obsession with wealth. Weaving 25 years of work into a meta-narrative, I have tried to explore a consumer appetite unprecedented in human history. Keeping up with the Joneses has become Keeping Up with the Kardashians as the “aspirational gap” between what we want and what we can afford has dramatically widened." - Lauren Greenfield


From the series 'The Reliquary ' by Tristan Spinski

"In the Spring of 2017, I was commissioned to photograph the National Wildlife Property Repository, a warehouse on the outskirts of Denver packed with illegal animal parts and products. These are objects of want and desire. Many are made of threatened or endangered species." - Tristan Spinski



From the series 'The Roar' by Kaleb White

"The Roar. An intense occurrence of Red deer taken during the annual breeding season on the North Island of New Zealand. I was commissioned to record the essence of stag (males) behavior during the peak roar." - Kaleb White



From the series 'Like owner, like dog' by Krister Sørbø

"How often have you passed a dog and its owner on the street thinking "wow! No wonder those two found each other!" Well, I have and wanted to document this phenomenon, and searching dog shows with a makeshift studio, I found the myth to be (partially) true." - Krister Sørbø



From the series 'Sirens' by Rachael Talibart

"Sirens is an on-going portfolio of storm waves captured on the UK's south coast. A childhood afloat and a love of maritime mythology have come together in these portraits of monstrous waves named after mythological creatures." - Rachael Talibart